Sugar Box Review ( Spring Edition )
Heya All!! 
I am so happy to tell you all that finally things are coming back to track. Since I got shifted to my new house and since my upcoming novel’s preparations are going on at very fast pace, I wasn’t really getting time to manage things (and blog too). But now, I am happy that I have started managing time and work in a very nice way. Now, I am thinking to start my morning walk and running sessions too! I have put on few extra kilos! Duh-Oh! 
Sugar Box Review ( Spring Edition )

So, coming back to this sweet post. Well, here I am going to review Sugar Box
What is a Sugar Box?
Well, Sugar box is monthly subscription service in India where you get amazing 6~7 (sometimes more) grooming and lifestyle (and quirky) stuff that are hand-picked by the in-house stylists and experts in Sugar Box. And the best part is, they give full sized products. 
Sugar Box Review ( Spring Edition )
I totally loved the idea of subscribing to a service that gives you amazing products that are cool and useful (and full-sized too). 
The plans for Sugar Box subscription are as follows:
INR 1499/- for 1 month
INR 4197/- for 3 months ( Save INR 300/-)
INR 7794/- for 6 months (Save INR 1200/-)
INR 14,388 for 12 months (Save INR 3600/-)
Sugar Box Review ( Spring Edition )
What’s In My Sugar Box This Month?
And finally, I am revealing what I got in my big Sugar Box this month. 
Sugar Box Review ( Spring Edition )
Inside My Sugar Box, I have:
– A cute swiz cow pajamas! (They are super comfy)
– A stylish necklace (Ohh! I love it)
– A packet of M&Ms (Frankly, I and my bro. finished it within half an hour, after clicking pictures. And I clicked these pictures the moment I received the box because we wanted to munch over M&Ms. YUM!!)
– A super cool bottle which says don’t touch its my bottle (HaHa! Its SO ME kinda)
Sugar Box Review ( Spring Edition )
– A Scent diffuser (Gosh, it smells heavenly)
– A quirky comic icon mobile/coin purse. (Well, you can carry cards, money and lip balm in it too!)
– Bubble gum lip balm (because, one can never have enough lip balms)
Isn’t all of this stuff so cool? I am totally loving all of these. Amazing! Simply!
I rate Sugar Box 5 on 5 !!! You must go for it. Its super-awesome!
You can get yours, HERE 

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