Davidoff Cool Water Women Review (Perfume)
I am just fascinated and cannot think of any other perfume other than of Davidoff cool water women! Yes, I admit that I am addicted to this one since past 3-4 years.

Actually I was not willing to review this because its THE BEST in all senses but then I thought, everyone must know why this is perfume a bestseller and so much preferred by all perfume lovers!

Hello all perfume lovers!!!
Time to write a review of the most preferred and my most favorite perfume!! Yes! I will be reviewing Davidoff cool water women today!

Now I feel so vacant if I sometime forget to wear the fragrance and smell it. The instant sweet and sensuous fragrance it creates in the air brings relaxation and rejuvenates the mind and soul of mine and those around me. The sparkling of water content with the glistening of the liquid sprayed over the skin is the ultimate beauty makeup which any woman will crave for.

Davidoff Cool Water Women Review (Perfume)
The pure aquatic feeling and the floral fragrance embedded in its notes are balanced to make me confident of its long lasting freshening and sweet smelling fragrance.
The top notes included in Davidoff cool water women are Honeydew Melon, Quince, Pineapple, Lotus, Lily, Citruses which can be enjoyed instantly you open and spray the perfume. Ozonic notes and Heart notes like May Rose, Jasmine, and Muguet can be smelled after few hours when the top nots gets evaporated. 
Davidoff Cool Water Women Review (Perfume)
I find myself experiencing the same freshness and the cool splashing effect as swimming in a lonely beach or taking water ride after applying the Davidoff cool water women perfume. The fragrance is so soothing and energetic you will be automatically refreshed in a hot summer day after spraying it.
The changing smell of citrus, florals, sandal wood light musk gives me new fragrances to experience and enjoy in the same perfume. To me, Davidoff Cool Water smells fresh, simple, and lovely. The fragrance lasts for more than 8 hours on me, and just the two sprays for each time of application is enough for me.
Without any doubt, its a 5 on 5 perfume. You can get it online or on stores from 1500 INR to 4000 INR depending upon the sale and size of the bottle.
I would suggest you to buy it from physical stores because its possible that some online stores sell copies at way lower prices.

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6 thoughts on “Davidoff Cool Water Women Review (Perfume)”

  1. I need some help, I want to buy it for my girl, but i have some confusion. Some online sellers are selling it with several names. Could you please help me.
    David Off Cool Water Deodorant Spray
    David Off Cool Water EDT
    David Off Cool Water Perfume

    Which one I should buy?

    1. That's really a good choice. I'm sure your girl would love it. You can get this one from amazon- http://goo.gl/SSXJOl Its the original. Beware, many online sellers are selling fake products. Original DavidOff, you'll never get below 1k INR.

      Hope this helps! Thanks 🙂

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