Yummy and delicious- Britannia Good Day Choco Chunkie!! And yes, its not a cookie!

You all must have seen on my Instagram that I got a big box of Chunkies from Britannia Good Day in my mailbox few days back. I really wanna thank Britannia for this sweet and chocolaty gift!

I was just wondering who will not love to savor the packet of Britannia Good Day Choco Chunkies? From the small infants, kids, teenagers, elders and aged people everyone will like every bit of the choco chunkies of Britannia good day.

Britannia Good Day Choco Chunkies
Britannia Good Day Choco Chunkies

I was startled to see the packet when I opened my parcel and felt that nice crunchy feeling from within. Opening the packet I liked the sweet chocolaty smell of the delicious Britannia Good Day Choco Chunkies.

The first bite was awesome –so chocolaty, so crunchy. These Chunkies has the sweetness and the crunchiness without sticking all over my mouth and its really different from normal cookies. The Britannia Good Day Choco Chunkies is a vegetarian product and there is all healthy ingredients included to fill your stomach and make you feel happy and satisfied.

Britannia Good Day Choco Chunkies
Choco Chunkies

The yummy chocolate chips which are present inside the biscuits easily gets melted inside the mouth. I like the combination of the milk and the dark chocolate chips which makes it the perfect combination and the best of the choco chip biscuits of the present days.

The rich dark chocolate doughs which are baked in the way that the chunkies are placed and rises in the perfect manner to make you feel hungry whenever you see it and want to just have the whole packet.

Britannia Good Day Choco Chunkies
Britannia Good Day Choco Chunkies

The price of these wonderful Choco Chunkies is 100/-INR for one packet which has 6 cookies in it.

If you still haven’t tried it yet? Then go for it. I am sure you won’t regret (and if you are trying after my recommendation then you are surely gonna thank me for this!)

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