Making Good Happen – Daddy Aur Zooey by Tata AIA Life Insurance
Making Good Happen – Daddy Aur Zooey by Tata AIA Life Insurance

We Live For Our Loved Ones, We Live For Our Family! Let’s Start Making Good Happen…

Hola Readers!I know you all must be wondering what actually this post is about! But I am pretty sure somewhere deep within you, you must be agreeing to what the heading of this post is.

‘We live for our loved ones, we live for our family! And we always try to make our loved ones, our family feel special and try to touch their life in the most simple ways.

Though, it is true that right now we are in our twenties or thirties, unmarried, free from all sorts of responsibilities and all. But somewhere in future, we will have to do what our parents are doing right now. We will be having our own families and we will have to live through our own parenthood. Agree?

Let me tell you people, being father or mother is not at all easy! Have a look at the video below of ‘Daddy Aur Zooey’ which will surely touch your heart and explain you a new meaning of father-son relationship.

‘Kuch Yuhi…’ Can’t stop humming this beautiful song!! It totally got all over me…

‘Daddy Aur Zooey’ is a new and refreshing campaign of ‘Making Good Happen’ series of Tata AIA Life Insurance, which explains that little things can do to good, when we are with our loved ones. This 4 minutes film is heart touching story of ‘Daddy Aur Zooey’ and their beautiful and unique father-son relationship which makes them the family of the year. This film clearly explains the purpose of Tata AIA Life Insurance which is ‘Making Good Happen’.

‘Daddy Aur Zooey’ campaign has taught us a new and refreshing meaning of life insurance. There is a super-hero that lies in each one of us that make good things happen.

We have seen traditional life insurance ads which are quite depressing and talk about how to manage stuff when someone close is gone forever. Life insurance will help you in over-coming the harsh times. This is the basic motto of taking a life insurance plan. But think, is it the only dimension? No!

This ‘Making Good Happen’ campaign of Tata AIA Life Insurance gives us a new horizon to think about taking life insurance plan because we want to make good happen for our family, for our loved ones. This campaign simply conveys a message that if you care for your loved ones, you should get a Life insurance plan which will make good happen, even when you are gone…

Every day, there are little things that touch our heart in a way like never before, we always try to make our family feel special and cared… and this is what Tata AIA Life Insurance ‘Making Good Happen’ campaign explains. If you love your family, if you want to do good to them, if you want to start making good happen, Tata AIA Life Insurance is there for you.

Tata AIA Life Insurance understands what we feel for our family. And that is why; they offer us Life Insurance which would promise us a secure future and allow us to enjoy each and every moment with our loved ones.

image source – Tata AIA life insurance

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