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Pimples Pimples Go Away, Never Ever Come Again!

‘Pimple??? Oh ! No, no not again!‘ Is the reaction of every girl when they see it on their face!
Pimples are the most alarming and common problem faced by girls. Pimples tend to slow down and cut all regular activities for girls. It makes them loose confidence in speaking to others or attending any occasions. I can say this because I too feel the same when I see pimples on my face.
Eww! I hate them so much!
Getting ugly pimples on face is the worst experience to encounter. We try all tips and medications to get rid of the pimples as fast they can. We feel ignored and neglected and always try to hide the face to avoid pimples to be detected.
The biggest problem I face when I get pimples is I am unable to click selfies and have to run away from groupies. I being a writer (author and blogger) have to meet new people, co-workers & friends on the daily basis. And times when pimples encounter, it becomes really very hard to face and meet people.
I am pretty sure most girls fear of stepping out with their friends and partners as they think that pimples will create negative image in the eyes of beholders.
Another problem I face when I get pimples is, I have to avoid eating
junk food that is spicy and oily
. I possess oily skin and get pimples
frequently. And you can imagine, how hard it becomes for a junk food
lover like me, to avoid it. 
Wearing sunglasses, hair styling to cover faces, wearing scarfs around to hide the pimples are some of the common ways I prefer to hide pimples.
But is this an apt solution?  
Common problems that I face, when I get pimples!
Every girl (Including me) wants to look fresh and flawless, But pimples and acne pulls us back! You are panicked and cannot look directly to the eyes of the person speaking to you which creates negative impression at times.
Pimples kills our confidence! It is really very important that we that care of our skin in order to avoid pimples. I avoid eating too much oily food and follow proper skin care routine. And when I encounter pimples, I use Garnier pimple control pen and Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash, they work as a savoir to me.
I really wish this problem of getting pimples banishes away forever, and we could eat whatever we wish… and step out with confidence 365 days!
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