Book 3, Completed !! Blogging Mode, ON!!

Hi Guys!
I am here to share a first fab news of 2015. Last night, I completed writing my third book! Oh, this makes me feel to happy!!
Anamika Mishra, New book Alert!!
I started working on this book in Sept 2014. It took 5 months for me to complete this book. Actually, I would have completed writing this book earlier, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, I had to keep this project aside. When things started getting back on track, the first thing I did was to complete this book. And see, I DID IT!   :D/
Though, I am not allowed to reveal much about the book but all I can say is that its a general fiction novel, of-course its a heartwarming love story that will surely touch your heart in a beautiful way!
By the way, To write this third book was my new year resolution of 2014. So, have I failed in accomplishing this resolution that I took last year? NO! Just 13 days have passed, and a little bit of cheating is always acceptable (especially, when it comes to resolutions and home-works! Isn’t it?)  ;;)
But I really hope, I don’t fail in accomplishing the new year resolutions I took this year. I have some really high hopes with this year and I will try to work hard and take things more seriously. I will be a better me, this year!  >-)

Anyways, as I am free for (at least 8-}) 3 months from starting my next project, I will be on with my blogging mode from now on!   :-SS
So, be ready! I am about to flood your timelines and emails with loads of interesting blog posts and amazing stories (that are loved by you all :)>-)
And yes, Say Yay! After all, I did it again  =D> <:-P 
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