Review: Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm

The soft rose lip balm of Nivea treats the chapped and dry lips very easily and within few seconds after its application.

I am a fan of all the products of Nivea for the care and healing factors included in its entire product. The lip balm Nivea soft rose lip balm has the ultimate satisfaction and ranks first among all other lip balms I have used so far.

Review: Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm

Truly the product is very suitable to make the lips velvety soft with its touch in and the rose petal like effect to sheer and shine with the pinkish color coming back to my dry and discolored lips.  The flavor and the fragrance is also a wonderful feeling when even you just open the cover of it. It will make you the very relaxing feeling in relation to the care it takes whenever I apply it on my lips.

The lip balm has all the necessary ingredients for treating my lips like the jojoba oil which has the long lasting hydration intact capacity to make your skin rejuvenated and nourished for long hours in extreme cold and dry winter also. 

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The use of the rose petal oil has the color and the softness of it to make my lips smile without having the tension of cracking or bleeding.

The Lip balm is also useful in keeping my lips tanned free as it has got SPF 10 in it. The price of the Nivea soft rose lip balm is Rs. 135 for 50 gms and is available in any makeup and cosmetic stores of the market.

The color of the lip balm is also very feminine with the attractive pack. I can also carry the lip balm in my bag anywhere I feel and just take it out and reapply whenever I want with just brushing it over my lips to give that perfect appearance and live it attractive and shinier.

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