Sunlight is said to be the natural source of rich Vitamin D which is required for human body

We have heard many people saying to visit the sea beach to have the sun bath for the utility of the warmth and the good effects of the sunrays. Many illness and deficiencies of the body and its cells can be restructured and rebuilt through the sun’s radiance.

Benefits of sunlight for skin, hair and health

Vitamin D is required for young babies, old and aged persons. The rich source of vitamin D can be obtained if you sit under the sun rays and make it get penetrated in your cells and tissues of the body. Respiratory diseases like asthma, cold, cough can be relieved if you take the heat and the warmth of the sun rays. Vitamin D is essential for your health, skin and hair.

The stress hormone called cortisol can be decreased if you have enough of sun rays in your body. This will make you feel tension free and relieve you from the worries bringing positive attitude and power to perform better in your life. Thus the positive mind is the key to good health and hence a perfect glow and shine will surely be seen in your skin and hair.

Sunlight helps in fighting diseases like blood pressure and sclerosis. The increase in the vitamin D content in your body will help in more antibodies creation leading to less risk of blood pressure and diabetes in the human body. If you are free from these diseases you can spend more time in skin care and hair care.

Psoriasis which is a skin disease in which red, dry plaques are formed and thus thickening of the skin takes place. Light therapy and photolysis has been recommended for its treatment. And the best way to achieve this is from the sunlight.

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