How To Stop Negative Thoughts?

Negative thought slows down your thinking ability and working power.
Thinking negative is a part of the human activities. So at times you are even not aware of the fact that you are thinking negative. But don’t let it grow for long. Make it a normal part of your life if it happens for some time, and try to erase it or make a positive note of the same thought.
How to stop negative thoughts?
You should not believe your negative thought and work out the procedures and the functioning of your brain to do that negative thought any time.
Re-explain the topic and the point of why you are thinking it to be negative, and try to correct yourself and understand what can make the positive thinking of the same problem.
Try to maintain the distances between your thoughts and your senses so that you are conscious and are always able to do the positive thing and think the positive ways and avoid the negative thoughts if it is present in any place of your thinking.
Tell yourself that you have your entire life to change the world and rework on things if got misplaced or not done accurately in that time.  
Do not just go away or avoid it due to the negative feelings of not being able to get the assured result.
Believing your capacity and your work power is the foremost thing for optimistic persons. Let your head grow the seeds of positive thinking by believing and trusting your ownself.
Love your identity and be happy with what you are, and not with what you want. Looking into the other things and watching the happy lives of others can make you feel insecure and uncomfortable or depressed.
But always remember that you are God’s most intelligent and advanced creation, and you can also be able to achieve many things if you try hard and be positive in your dedication and work.

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