Healthy body is a healthy mind! 
So do not be lethargic due to the cold and foggy weather in winter. Wake up early and exercise to make you active and fit.

The best way to keep yourself fit during the winter condition is to make your bones and muscles remain workable and flexible. Wake up and spend some time in doing some war up exercises like jogging, cycling or skipping. Try dome free hand exercises along with it. This can make your body stay fit and increase the digestive and immunity power of your body.

Fitness tips that you should follow this winter

Protect yourself from the cold and dry breeze by covering yourself through proper dressing in layers when moving out for work during the early morning specially.

Take some ginger & tulsi in your morning tea which will help you to tackle the problems of throat infection and other cold related diseases. 
Papaya, radish, carrot, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage have the vitamin rich content within it to fight the harmful antigens and keep our immune system very active. So try to include them in your diet.

Almond, cashew nuts, ground nuts are also good source of proteins which can boost your immune system regularly. 
Prevent eating outside and from road stalls as they might damage your immune system and cause stomach infection and food poisoning.

Eat fresh and hot cooked food, and avoid eating precooked food. Drink hot drinks like green tea and coffee to make you warm and comfortable. Keep heaters and geysers ready to use if the temperature falls more.

Keep medicines ready to use if required for those who have respiratory related problems like asthma and bronchitis. As there is accumulation of the smog due to the pollution and the foggy weather precautions and added care are a must for the respiratory related diseases people. 
Avoid moving outside in the early morning as the smog gets removed only after there is sunshine during the day.
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