After sharing my post on handmade diwali cards, I am back with some ready made happy diwali card ideas that you can buy if you don’t get time to make one by yourself. I know how much busy you all must be in making the best of preparations for diwali.

Well don’t worry if you can’t make card by yourself, you can still buy some pretty decent or beautiful happy diwali cards that are readily available in the shops.

Best Happy Diwali Card Ideas:

-You can buy musical diwali cards which begin playing a soothing music the moment we open the card. It will surely bring a smile on the reader’s face.

-You can buy glittering diya cards which have a large diya embedded upfront with a super cool diwali message.

-Buy a card with rangoli printed on it. That can also make for a nice diwali card.

-Cards with Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi printed on it will also be a nice choice.

-You can also buy cards which have super cool facts related to diwali.

-You can buy big card for the whole family with some personal message and some firecrackers or rangoli colors stick to them.

-These days you can also send e-Cards to your friends. Just go to any such website and select the best of diwali e-cards and send it to the receiver’s mail id.

-A wall hanging card for diwali will also be a good option to gift. They can decorate their living rooms with it.

Below are some of my personal recommendation or ideas of diwali cards that you can buy and gift to your friends.

Happy Diwali Cards Photos:

Happy Diwali Card

Happy Diwali Card

Happy Diwali Card

Happy Diwali Card

Happy Diwali Card

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