Super Easy Navratri Fasting Recipe Ideas For You

Navratri brings along with it numerous options for foodies. There is home made specialities and then there’s lot of street foods. The market shops are full of mouth watering dishes. Then how can one resist his or her desire to have them all or even get their taste while they are fasting. Many people tend to fast during all the 9 days of navratri. So there are definitely very less options left for them to enjoy from.

But even though our festivities always have something or the other for every individual, You can still satisfy your taste buds by having the below mentioned dishes which are made especially for the people who fast. Also, you can add or remove the ingredients from the dishes mentioned below according to your rules of fasting as I know, different people have different set of rules for fasting.

Navratri Fasting Recipe

Here is list of Recipe Ideas For Navratri Fast:

Lauki halwa (recipe here by Pankaj Bhadouria)

Lauki kheer  (recipe here by Sanjeev Kapoor)

Fruit chaats (This is super simple. You can take your favorite fruits, add sendha namak to it and enjoy. You can also add yogurt to make it taste even better)

Vrat k aaloo (recipe here by

Dahi aloo (recipe here by Maayeka)

Arbi tikki  (recipe here by Sanjeev Kapoor)

Kuttu ka paratha  (recipe here by Chawla’s Kitchen)

Sabudana vada  (recipe here)

Sabudana pakora  (recipe here by

You can also try the sweet dishes made for fasting people. You are not deprived of having sweets during the festive season, thanks to so many items to choose from.

Sabudana laddoo  (recipe here by Ruchi’s Kitchen)

Coconut laddoo (recipe here by Saffron Trail)

Vrat ka halwa (recipe here by Ruchi’s Kitchen)

Makhaane ki kheer (recipe here by Sanjeev Kapoor)

you can also quench your thirst by having the fruit juices or milk shakes. These you can have of your own choice depending on which flavor suits you.
Dishes made of coconut can also be taken during fast, like coconut chutney, coconut laddoo, coconut kheer, etc.

image source: India Today

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