Today is the first anniversary of my novel Too hard to handle, I am feeling really happy being able to write this post with so much enthusiasm. I am saying this because last year same day, I am nervous and scared as my novel was about to hit the stores. I didn’t know what would happen next. How will my friends, family and unknown readers who will read my book would react!! I was not able to predict the future regarding my writing career at that point.

Happy First Book's First Anniversary- Too Hard To Handle
Happy First Book’s First Anniversary- Too Hard To Handle

But today, when I look back… I feel so content and satisfied because what I received was more than what I expected. But now, as I have reached at this point… I want more!!

And with this desire of achieving more… I will work harder on my books and blogs!!

My second novel ‘THE VOICEMATES’ is in the pipeline and will hit the market soon around November or December. I am halfway done writing my third novel. Hope to finish it by the end of this wonderful month.

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