FAQ On Getting Your First Novel Published

So many friends, readers and aspiring authors approach me to seek information on how to get the first book published, since after I got my Too hard to handle released. My email Id is full of queries of mails from people who want to get their novels published. Same is with my facebook inbox. And I really feel great when I share the information on getting the first novel out.

Though I really want to help each and every aspiring author, but my current commitments leave me with no time to answer each and every mail or message I get. Hence I decided to share frequently asked questions to me. I hope this will help you in getting your first novel published.

FAQ On Getting Your First Novel Published
Anamika Mishra

Therefore, I am writing this post for all the aspiring authors. This post has all the possible questions which people ask me regarding getting a book published. Hope it helps!!

#1. I have written a book. What to do next?

That’s great if you are done with writing the manuscript. Read it thrice before trying to reach any publisher. Once you are done with reading it thrice, search for a traditional publisher for getting it published.

#2. What is process to approach a publisher? How can someone approach publisher?

In this age of internet, nothing is difficult. Especially when you every publisher has its own website. Go through the guidelines and submit it accordingly.

#3. Do I need a literary agent?

In India, Not really!

#4. A publisher wants me to pay XYZ amount to publish my book. What to do?

Paying money to get a book published is called ‘Vanity Publishing’. Don’t go for it..!! Its not worth, until you are a very rich and want to get a book published for fame. But then, make sure you get it published from an A Grade publishers and not just a random one.

#5. I am in college. I too want to become a writer. What to do?

Its great that you want to become a writer. Start participating in creative writing contests and join literary clubs or magazines of your school or college. Try contributing to your local newspaper or magazine. Try taking parts in short story competitions too.

#6. Please guide me in writing my book. Read my manuscript and be my critics. Be my mentor and guide me throughout the process!!

I really thank you for choosing me to guide you but my current work commitments are keeping me very busy. It is really hard for me to take out time for mentoring or critiquing. I would suggest you to join a writers group, read blogs of authors on writing and discuss with your friends.

#7. I want to write a book but not getting from where to start? What to do?

Well, join a creative writing course. Read author blogs, newsletters or good books. Also, if possible join a creative writing course for the same. You can google the list of colleges and universities that offer these courses.

#8. My manuscripts have been rejected by so many publishers, what to do? Should I go for vanity publishing?

No! Don’t loose hope. There are numerous traditional publishers. Try, try and try… till you succeed!!

[Updated on 05/07/2015 | Question asked via email from a new author]

#9. I just published my ebook through Amazon KDP service last week. So many people are asking for free copies. What do you suggest? Should authors give their ebooks for free?

Well I believe it’s ok to give free ebooks if you getting an honest review in return and make sure that review is not just verbal but the reader should clearly share it on web. It is not necessary that reader should have a blog, one can share the review on goodreads or amazon or websites like that, and should also mention that he or she got a complimentary copy. This kind of barter system is good BUT otherwise, say no to ‘charity’ until it’s a REAL CHARITY.

Hope these questions and answers on getting your first novel published will help you in some way! Let me know if you have more questions via comments section below and I will be happy to add it to this list.

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