Anger is a very bad emotion. It can destroy a person! Many people bear loss because of their anger. It must have happened to you too? In a certain situation, just because you became angry… you must have ruined everything! It is very important that you learn anger management and try to conquer it. Once you learn how to conquer your anger, you will surely become a better person with a positive attitude. And once you have attained positive attitude towards every situation you come across, you will surely be able to enjoy your life to the fullest.

7 Ways To Conquer Your Anger That Worked For Me
7 Ways To Conquer Your Anger That Worked For Me | image:tumblr

Hope I am not too late to share this and hope this post really really helps!!

Here are the 7 ways to conquer your anger:

1- Think why are you feeling angry at the moment!! And if your mind answers this question, think is it worthy? What is more important? Your anger or the situation/opportunity/person!

2- Take a deep breath and look at the sky!!

3- Pick a pen and a paper and scribble anything you are feeling that moment! Then crush the paper or tear it into pieces and throw it away! Repeat this till you feel better.

4- Learn to accept your mistake! Don’t feel angry when anyone has pointed a mistake in your work or behavior. Think if that person is right or wrong. If that person is right, accept your mistake humbly, and if that person is wrong, humbly and calmly explain the reason behind your deed, behavior, action or work.

5- Pick a mirror and look at your face or straight into your eyes!! Your angry expression will surely make you smile!!

6- Eat chocolate!! Even if you are not willing to, just grab a bite of it and feel the difference. Researches have proved that eating sweets and desserts helps you feel better and makes you feel happy from within.

7- Go shopping! This one is my favorite and have always worked for me. You should try it at least once. I call it my shopping-therapy!

7 Ways To Conquer Your Anger That Worked For Me
7 Ways To Conquer Your Anger | image:tumblr

So, these were the ways which are always helpful in conquering over my anger. Remember, only YOU can make YOU happy or sad! Think of priorities before reacting. Don’t be ruthless or rude. And never feel angry because you failed. It happens and everything has a reason behind it. Think of its reason!!

I wish you good luck in anger management!! And yeah, let me know if you have any other way to conquer anger… I will surely try it!

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