WhiteTone Face Powder Review

WhiteTone Face Powder Review
-Submitted by Monica Mukherjee
Hey girls, today my post is about White Tone Face Powder Review. You can call it as face powder. I have never tried powder on face. So I thought to give it a try. I know I am little late on reviewing it. This product is available easily in drugstores. It is a new launch in Indian market, you can think of trying it as it will not cost you much.
WhiteTone Face Powder Review
What it claims?
This product claims matt, glowing and brighten skin ever. This product comes with soft shade formula, to enrich your skin with smooth effect.
What I felt?
Like I say I don’t like using powder on my face all due to its ingredients and horrifying whitish look, I held my breath when I have used it for the first time. I have never tried this if the advertisement weren’t so alluring. 
WhiteTone Face Powder Review
I bought a small pack of this powder; I always buy the smaller pack when I am trying out a new product unless I have heard really good reviews about it. The ads claim that it will make you 2 to 3 shades fairer immediately after using it. Although I didn’t buy it for the fairness claim, I expected it to give my skin brighter and more even. 
I felt that it is quite different from usual body powders. It left my skin oil free. I like it and use it often whenever I need a matt effect. There is no long lasting effect it adds nothing to your skin. it looks patchy when I start sweating. I would recommend you to try it may be it will work for you.
Price: 30ml for INR 55
Not like usual powder
Gives even and matt look
Helps to control oil to some extent
Travel friendly
Patchy after some time
Contains chemicals
Artificial look if used directly
Not good for dark complexion
Rating: 3/5


  • Priya

    The powder itself is very fine in texture and can actually be applied to the face. But the trick is to use a buffing brush and buff buff buff till the whiteness is gone and you are left with a gentle veil on your face that does make it appear brighter.

  • shambhavi

    Glad i found your post..!!! I was going to buy white tone powder and went through your review. it really helped me . Thank you so much.

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