Dear readers,

I am so happy in making this announcement. Still three months are left for Too hard to handle’s first anniversary and I have signed my contract with Jaico Publishing House for my second novel. I am very excited about this novel as the plot is fresh and new!! Though, I cannot reveal much about the book as it’s too early… but I can say that it is about dreams and fear of taking risks!!

Not getting enough words to express my happiness today!! This is like a dream come true. I am now associated with that publication house with which Mr. Robin Sharma is associated !!
The nervousness is the same, my hands were shivering when I was signing the contract just as they did at the time of signing my first contract for my first book.

Need prayers and wishes!!

Hope all goes well. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Bless me and wish me luck!!

My facebook status today!!! #FeelingAmazing 🙂

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