Not All Guides Are Right. . .

We all have guides in our lives. Those guides may be our friends, teachers, boss, relative etc. We usually believe that all guides always have the correct answers. We think, these authority figures, guides or friends seems to have correct information and will always give apt suggestions. This might be just a myth. 

Not All Guides Are Right
Reader, a guide who seems to have ‘THE CORRECT ANSWER’ to something may be wrong. And even if our intuition tells us that our guide is wrong, we might doubt our intuitions and choose to hold on with the decision and answer of that guide. 

This happens a lot in our day to day life, when we approach that guide of our life… in order to seek a certain answer.
We always assume that our guides (to whom we seek advice) is smarter and more informed than us. Did you notice, I said ‘We Always ASSUME…’
Yes, this can just be our assumption. And our folly to ignore the voice of our intuitions.
But it is wiser to trust your intuitions. Not all guides are right!!
Have courage to trust your intuitions and follow it. If your intuition is doubting someone’s ability to guide you, don’t feel afraid to question that someone, who seems to have all the answers. 
I hope you got exactly what I am trying to explain. All I want to say is trust your intuitions and don’t rely on anyone else for taking the important decisions of your life.

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