Either Be Happy Or Be Right !!

In life, we always have a choice of being right or wrong!! But I say, we have two choice- one of being happy and other of being right. So, first of all ask yourself- You want to be right or happy?

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If you choose -Being right… Then I must tell you, it can be a very tough choice. Need of being right can make us defensive in nature. It tends to put pressure on our mind in order to prove ourselves right. Unconsciously, most of us take a different path. We emphasize more on proving others ‘wrong’ than focusing on your deeds. This is a very bad way to prove yourself ‘right’. Many people love to correct others, force them to believe that they are wrong and their statements are sick!! This is wrong.

Being right means focusing on your path and moving ahead with a determination that you are right. Now, the question arises what is right? Everyone in this world possess their own perceptions. And all of them are correct or right in their own ways. According to some- Flower is a universal gift while others think it is just a wastage of money and time. What I mean to say is what is right to you can be wrong to the person sitting next to you. And if you become stubborn about following what is right to you, you might end up in becoming a stubborn rebel.

Now comes the choice of being Happy… If you choose to be happy, you can simply follow things which makes you happy from within. A smile on your face can turn your day in to a beautiful one. Following anything which makes you happy is easy. You don’t have to prove anyone wrong neither you have to prove yourself right. Right or wrong- it is making you happy- And that is all what matters.

Both of the choices might turn you into a rebel or an angel. What I suggest is to do something that makes you happy but doesn’t hurt anyone around you. If you deed hurts someone, it might take you happiness away too.

It is always nice to make others happy. Be right but don’t focus on proving others wrong. Be happy but make sure you are not making others sad!!

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