Healthy & Easy To Find Food Items
Healthy & Easy To Find Food Items

People who want to stay healthy and fit are always in a dilemma what to eat and what to avoid? Their state of dilemma is but natural as internet is full of so many articles listing the – healthy food and so on.
In this post, I have tried to solve the problem and have listed 5 super healthy and easy to find food that will surely boost your health.Check the list out and include them in your daily routine!!Easily Available Healthy Food Items:

Nuts: Nuts contain fibre, protein and few essential fats that are good for our health. Best choice is cashews, almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts.

Kale: Its a leafy green that is extremely nutritious. It is low-fat and low-calories food that is also a good source of iron, calcium and dietary fibre. 
Oats: Oats are super healthy for our body. Wholegrain oats are great source of magnesium and carbohydrates that helps in keeping us healthy and fit.
Pulses: Pulses include food like chickpeas, lentils and beans that are great source of vitamins, protein, mineral and fibre which are really good for our fitness and health.

Oily fish: Though I am a hardcore vegetarian, but I cannot deny the fact that oily fish is very healthy and help prevents various diseases like prostate cancer, dementia, age-related vision loss and other cardiovascular disease.

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