On March 31, 1889 , Gustave Eiffel’s construction company built a magnificent and icon tower in Paris- Eiffel Tower. At that time, who knew that this iconic tower will become one of the most loved tourist attractions of the world.
This pointy wrought-iron structure continues to spread its charm and charisma amongst the people from all over the world.

Eiffel Tower completes 125 years on March 31, 2014

After 125 years of its construction the tower still stand tall, strong and beautiful.
The writer Guy de Maupassant once said, ‘I eat my lunch in the tower every day because it is the only peaceful place in the city where I am not forced to look at it’
Eiffel tower is not just a historical monument now, but it is the one of the most romantic places on earth. Many couples are seen to confess their love standing near Eiffel. The surrounding is that romantic!!

Eiffel tower will always remain my most favorite (and dream) destination on earth. May this tower continue to spread its charm in many more coming decades.
Hope to see it soon!! ♥

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