When Squeaking is the only option left !!

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. That is because the wheel annoys and constantly reminds us that it needs the grease. Same thing happens with us. Yesterday was the day of realization for me. 

We may expect that a certain person in our life would simply read our mind when it comes to something we want or need. We sit back and wait for that person to approach us and do something which we were expecting that person to do. 

The other person may provide what we want. But how? The other person may not even know that we are in need of that person, we are missing that person or we want that person in our life. 
This is the real problem with many of us. We expect too much. We want people to read our minds and hear the unsaid words and unexpressed feelings.
I believe, if we want something, we should stop being subtle. We should start squeaking. 
We should understand the fact that the other person is not that sensible or will not understand the language of our heart. But because of this, we cannot afford to loose that person. 
Decisions is totally yours. Express yourself, before its too late. Start squeaking and tell the person that you are in need of him/her. May be, that other person might be waiting for you to approach first…

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