What kind of an AVID READER are you, when you don’t respect books?

Well, this post is dedicated to a so-called-avid-reader-and-a-book-lover I met online yesterday. He seemed to be really interest in reading books or may be he was just trying to impress me by saying so ( You see, Me writer He reader, wondering I am more biased towards AVID Readers, which is by chance a truth… Yes I am more biased towards people who love books!! )
Isshh, I really get carried off sometimes. So I was telling you about that person.

When I asked him which kind of books he likes reading, he took the names of some really famous authors and their books. I was impressed !!
Then I inquired about the genres he loves reading, he said he likes to read mystery, spiritual and self-help books. Me, being a fantasy and general fiction writer out of curiosity asked Do you love reading general fiction and fantasy novels? 
His reply was really an amazing one ( Ohh Sarcasm Alert !! )
He replied ‘I don’t like reading those kind of FALTOO BOOKS. They are worthless, useless and sheer wastage of time!!
I mean really, What kind of an AVID READER are you, when you don’t respect books?
And by the way, the list which he told was the list of his fav. authors included 90% of authors who have written general fiction and fantasy books.

I laughed really hard on reading this reply.

I mean seriously, how can you being a book lover call a genre of books ‘Faltoo’. I really understand the fact that people have different choices and they have right to freedom of speech & expression. But they have no right to use such words for books, may those books be of any genre, language, category or origin. No book in this world is a faltu book. If you call yourself a reader, you should respect the books.
You are not interested in reading a particular genre, don’t read… But never use such words for the same. 
There are some really great authors who have written some really wonderful and marvelous books, calling their creations a faltoo thing is disrespecting them. 
It takes a lot of hard work for a writer to write a complete book, I know that… and I feel offended when people especially so called book-lovers and avid readers use such words for books. 
Just wanna say, respect books love books… They are totally worth it. 


  • Rajiv Sethia

    hahaha world is full of silly people. I totally agree with your post. people should respect books & authors. so much of hard work results into a book, people should not use such words. and same thing goes with the movies too.

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