December is a very special month. Mainly for three reasons –
1) My Birthday ( 31-Dec ) 
2) Christmas
3) New Year

I love how the spirit of New Year & Christmas ( and my birthday of-course ) permeates everything all month long. The atmosphere just seems to be thick with anticipation, joy, love, and generosity.

I always expect to hear a good news in December. And Touch-wood, December has never ever disappointed me.
I not only prepare wish-lists for my birthday & but also make new year’s resolution lists. This time I am really happy to say that I kept my words & accomplished my new year’s resolution which I made last year on my birthday & new year’s eve.
Wondering what was my last year’s ‘new year’s resolution’ ? Ahaann!! Let it be a secret Guys. 😉

Well,  I wish you and yours a very special and warm December this year! 
May December be good to you!! 
Take Care & Stay Blessed 🙂

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