I love to gaze at the moon, whenever I get a chance. Something in the moon speaks to me.
I love the feeling of silence within me while watching the moon.
It shines beautifully at night when the sun goes off duty. It sheds its magical light which is very cool, calm & refreshing. The moonlit nights have a soothing effect on the mind & the body. The running water in a river appears to be silvery as the reflection falls on the surface, its indeed a beautiful sight to look at!!

Photography: Capturing Beautiful Craters On The Moon
Photography: Capturing Beautiful Craters

Even if you are not nearby a river, try to watch the moon’s reflection anywhere on the tub, deep bowl or a mirror, it appears as if it is your own!!

Even the budding twigs, the blooming flowers tossing their heads in sprightly dances, the plush green fields, the tender creepers and the tiny small plants, all seem to be wearing a silver robes when the white beams of the moon shines upon them.

This sight of moon really makes me forget my worries and anxieties of the world where ‘People are anxious even in their sleep’ !!

It is simple yet very beautiful and a perfect example of beauty with simplicity.

Though, sometimes it indeed generates the want of someone sitting by your side, holding your hands tightly, looking into your eyes while moon spreads its magic light on your face… But, that feeling makes the experience of sitting under the moon light more magic and beautiful.
Even my poems have something about moonlit nights in them!!

I would surely share them one day 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Moon : Beautiful, Romantic Yet Simple and Magical”

  1. Even I feel the same. You gave words to me feelings. I miss someone when I look at the moon, I wish I meet her someday. You are amazing man.

  2. Anamika maam I am seriously in love with your writing & u too (please take it as a love from fan to an inspiration )
    Recently I finished reading too hard to handle and I loved it.
    Please integrate a guest book in your blog so that we ( readers & fans ) can easily write our heart out for you 🙂

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