Hello Fellas!! How are you all?
I would firstly like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for liking and appreciating the concept and also for holding on for a period of whole THREE long months with me.I would also like to say few things related to my novel ‘Too hard To handle’.

As far as I know, People who have read the Sneak peak of this novel, many of them ( As they said) are excited to read it and are eagerly waiting for it’s release. This clears that they must have already had set the bar of their expectations from it and of-course ME.
Though, I have written it with all my heart, soul and capability,I really don’t want to disappoint anyone who reads it.
Therefore, it is very important for me to tell few things & clear out few points regarding my work.

  • Too Hard To Handle is my FIRST try in writing a full blown novel, so be a bit gentle while judging it and also, pardon me for my mistakes, if any!
  • As this is just an infant step of mine in this dream world of writers & fictional stories, I would really appreciate if people do not try to compare my novel, story or my writing style with any other well-known, one’s favorite, or  successful author/writer. I myself know that I stand no-where in the list at the present moment ( but surely, would… one day )
  • Talking about the language, I have used extremely simple & chatty English language as making readers to look into the dictionary after every second line, I don’t find its a great idea. If our Bollywood films are using simple Language to convey their message, then why not ME? ( I know this sounds a bit weird, but that is how I am 😛 )
  • The story is a work of Fiction. The characters in it had no resemblance with anyone in the real world, although many of the places mentioned are real e.g. the name of the university & schools, places in Kanpur, Lucknow & Delhi etc. 
  • As I have mentioned the names of my favorite places, my city, my college & course ; I request you all to not to think that it is my story ( which most of the people, especially my friends are thinking. Dude, I am far more different from the lead character & live a life which flows into an opposite direction of the life of Anushree, in that book)
  • Finally, Like everyone on the Planet, even I expect to deserve a feedback for my hard-work. So, I request each and every single reader to provide me with the feedback. ( Please be generous, as I myself am very scared and nervous regarding the novel). I believe there is always a scope of improvement and I would surely work even more harder to improvise my writings.

I once again Thank You all for being there with me.
Trust Me, there is a lot more to come!!

Take Care, Hang On with me & Stay Blessed 🙂

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