I would proudly and with an immense please like to announce about my debut upcoming novel “Too Hard To Handle” that would be releasing in the month of June ’13.
I got this really BIG news, when an E-mail from my publishers confirmed that I was getting this dream of mine published.

A blend of fiction and fact, enhanced by an essence of philosophy, ‘Too Hard To Handle’ takes its readers on a voyage where situations like messing with the flow of life, the unknown past, the feeling of love & victory and above all, being ditched and blamed at every step makes you life ‘Too Hard To Handle’

It already has 1500+ fans on the Facebook Page ( http://www.facebook.com/NovelTooHardToHandle ) , See yourself. . .

Also, about this upcoming novel, you can read on famous news portals like News89.com ( http://news89.com/noveltoohardtohandle/ ) and RaftaarLive.com ( http://www.raftaarlive.com/2013/03/too-hard-to-handle.html ).

What do you have to say about it?

Looking forward to hear from you. . .


Anamika Mishra

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