Its 2012,Oct!! 
Two years Back, I published a post Named That Someone Special which was quite similar to this post of mine.
Circumstances were same actually. When had written that post, I was in the final year of my Graduation. Now After two years, I am again in the final year of College, But this time Its Masters!!
The situation which I was in that time, was really a memorable one. In the final semester of My BCA, I had made some really good friends, whom I never wanted to loose. And I never thought I’ll Loose!!
Yes, I have lost them!! 
Because of them, I had started loving the previous college of mine. 
When I joined my new college, I had made a firm decision of not letting anyone come close to me in my life & not being close friends with any newbie.
Today I was going through that post of mine. Felt how time flies so fast!!
It seems only yesterday that me & my old friends all together were sitting in a Nescafe coffee shop and chit-chatting with each other.
Who knew those chit-chats were the times which I would never get back! 
My group got shattered into pieces.
Though many of us, are not in touch now but still I won’t let off saying “those were really the best days of my life till date”.
Story of my MJMC is not even worth sharing!! 
The Only good happened to me during these two years were the career opportunities which I received. 
Discussing the rest is nothing but the wastage of time!
The only difference in the above mentioned post & this one is that previously I was sad to leave my college and wanted those friends of mine to be with me forever. And this time, I am really happy that this night-mare kind of journey is now coming to an end!! 
Still I have some old friends of mine with me & I really wish they stay in my life forever!!
And this time, God Please don’t disappoint me!! 
Previously I managed Somehow but this time, If it happened again I know I wont be able to afford…

3 thoughts on “Time Flies, And So Do My Thoughts!”

  1. you should cherish those memories of ur life which gave u sch golden moments that u can't compare with any other… u had such wonderful 3 yrs 🙂
    n also the group didn't got shattered…u are viewing it from the darker side. Everyone in ur life moved on n wen i say moved on, its not in the sense that they forgot n moved on, but moved on to be better individuals n be successful in their lives…
    yar dost dil se hnge to chaahe life mein kahin b ho hamesha sath nibhayengey…aisa kyu sochte hai ki sb chale gye..!!
    n lyk srk said…har pa yha jee bhar jiyo…jo hai samaa…kal ho na ho…!!! tjhse hi to seekha h yr 🙂

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