Getting a tattoo is nothing lesser than altering an area of your body for a lifetime. So it becomes quite important that you never leave these certain things undone, that I am going to enlighten you about. After you have decided and braced yourself to get tattooed, here is what you must pay heed to… Or say, following are the 8 important precaution you must take before getting inked-

 8 Important Things To Know Before You Get A Tattoo:

8 Important Things To Know Before You Get A Tattoo

1. Few of us are often allergic to certain pigments in tattoo inks, so it’s a must to get your skin tested in advance.

2. When it comes to imprinting your body for a lifetime you are not wrong for being too cautious. Yes! You better visit various shops and only go for the cleanest one. The artist must be licensed.

3. Isn’t it a disastrous something to bear your EX’s name on a certain part of your dear body for a lifetime. I guess it indeed is! So, “think before you imprint”! Don’t forget to read for errors in spelling or meaning, if getting any scripts done. Make sure to interchange your ideas and preferences if any.

4. You must not consume any alcoholic drinks or take any painkillers before the tattoo sessions as these thinner your blood and you are then at a risk of bleeding more. Get a sober night’s sleep and be in a healthy state.

5. Pay attention to your immunization status like, Hepatitis, tetanus etc. if undergoing any other medical conditions like severe skin problems, rashes, diabetes, allergies or others, consult your doctor for needed precautions.

6. Post- tattooing times are something that must be endured with a good amount of patience. Your skin around the tattoo might peel off like sunburn and get scabby over there, followed by redness. Don’t pick on those.

7. Refrain from sun exposure and public or hot water bodies for around 2 weeks, as it increases the chances of infection.

8. Finally, make it damn sure that the studio has an autoclave and the artist uses a new ink bottle and tattoo needle for every new client.

 – Happy Inking you all!

Submitted By: Pallavi Rana

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