It has been an year since i came to you for the first time! I was totally new to you. I tried hard to adjust with you,according to your norms ,then I tried to be the same as I was & then tried to like you but All In vain! My efforts seemed so dull & of no use………. And I am really sorry to say, “I tried hard but still I am not in love with you!”
These are the feelings which are there in my heart for the new city where I live i.e. LUCKNOW! 🙂

Still Not In Love | New Changes Are Not Good
Still Not In Love | New Changes Are Not Good | image:pinterest

Although Lucknow is really a nice city,as said by others & even i do feel the same some time. but something is missing in it which is still not successful in making me fall in love. The city of Taamiz & Tehzeeb , the city of Nawabs seemed very exciting & full-of-life at first glance but all I have to say is “all that Glitters, is not Gold” !! As a result in spite of spending a full one year,still i say its a New Place..!!

I am at home enjoying my holidays to the fullest, but whenever a thought of going back to lucknow in july after two months renders my mind, all my smiles just fades away!!

Its just so perfect here! I am still not in love.

Some say – “its nothing but Home-Sickness”, I say -“NO!! its not… I am not a home-sick person! its just i dont feel like living there with people who are not even worth a smile of mine! Its a place full of egoist, back-stabbers , stubborn, money-minded & fake people !! Before saying anything to anyone,you have to think twice-thrice because you cant trust anyone there!! ”

The span of an year which is now a past to me, was not at all good! not even a single happy memory i have in my mind of that place! Anyway i should wind-up now! This post is just about what all goes through my mind when I think of there!!

I have removed all the pages of my diary from July 2011 to may 2012 as on going through those pages was like living-up those days again & reviving them and I personally feel that only good times and good memories are worth remembering & worth keeping safe in the pages of a diary, not the bad ones….
Hope this coming semester brings a lots of happiness……………
Bless You All… Take Care!! 🙂

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