The overnight diet is said to be the medically proven diet to lose weight. Caroline Apovian, MD who is the leading expert and authority on nutrition and weight management has brought the revolutionary diet plan which has been an answer to many her patients to lose weight- and keep it off. Dr. Apovian’s specially formulated 1-Day Power Up jump-starts for your fat burning and weight-losing overnight and then the 6-Day Fuel Up keeps your body in fat-burning mode while offering you a bounty of tasty food option.

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It has been medically proven that the overnight diet is making a great impact all over the world in producing the fastest and permanent weight loss with lasting result. The overnight plan is said to lose 2 pounds in the first night of its intake which is really something amazing and a perfect solution for those who wants to decrease their obesity and be perfect.

The overnight diet is said to decrease your weight to 9 pounds in the first week and will continue decreasing your weight day by day if the intake of the overnight diet is continued and routinely added to your diet plan.

You can continue eating hamburgers, peanut butter and even chocolate and there is no limit for food intake in any way neither any kind of restriction on food items. All kinds of fruits and vegetables can also be eaten. The overnight diet works in lightening the weight loss and burning the fat muscles by reducing the water retention and bloating.

The overnight diet is formulated so as to undertake rapid weight loss with increasing metabolism rate and burning faster of fat. The advantage of the overnight diet is that there is no need to skip your favorite ice-cream or chocolate. The formulation of the constituents and ingredients are as such that the food lovers can consume as much food they want but still there will be control on their weight through the intake of the overnight diet.

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