Changes are very difficult to accept especially when you are not willing that things would change so far…… but once you start looking at the positive aspects…. you begin to accept the changes and enjoy the new phase!

This happened with me! Yeah… I knew things would change, but never knew that changes would be in this direction! hmmmm it was really hard to live esp. when past memories were so good; but crying when remembering the good things was my mistake actually, as those days would never ever come back.. so, I decided to cherish them and try to make this present much more beautiful that my past. I know its a kind of an impossible task but still when I’ll try for this much, then only I’ll get the near-about results.

Feeling happy to say that ‘its all really good now….’

Journey of life is like travelling in a hill-station!! sometimes its a beautiful scene full of snowy-mountains,green valleys & flowers…. and sometimes its as disastrous as a land-slide or an avalanche…..
So,Be positive… Think positive…. And live happy happy…!!

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