We all update #TGIF on your social media when it’s Friday. But ask yourself, what’s your reasons to say the same? People are doing job say it because they get to party or have a weekend off.

Every Friday is a HAPPY FRIDAY for me and I have a reason. I live in a hostel and after a week of staying away from my family, I get to meet them on this day. Isn’t it great?

I don’t say that hostel life is bad etc. It is good. I have a good roommate, padosi (neighbouring) roomies are also good, classmates are fun, my college is hep but at the end of the day, I miss my family!

So, when it’s Friday, my happiness is at it’s top most level. You might call me homesick, but I am not ashamed to accepting this fact. That’s how I am!
Ok! Got to go. Until next time. Ciao
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