I know I’m updating my blog after such a long time…. Actually I wanted to update but wasn’t getting what to write.

…Or in my words can say, was not getting words to express myself! Right now I have too much on my plate and I am just trying to look over everything that I have right now.

Anyway, last night, I was wondering how people come across our ways… in strange ways but then they turn into an inseparable part of our lives, leave us wondering “hmmm…. humara milna likha tha”

Its like something very strange, seems as if everything is planned already, written in our destiny. One of my friends told me about her friendship with a guy. She met him in Delhi-Bangalore flight. He was the flight steward in that flight.

They kept on passing smiles and glances during the flight and after the flight, that guy texted her. They instantly hit it off and that’s how it started in their case. After narrating the whole story she said “hmmm but in anyway, humara milna likha ta!”

…and line of hers left me with this whole stuff! What if she wouldn’t have been on that flight. What if she would have written the wrong mobile number in that stupid contest form in the flight or if she wouldn’t have filled it for that matters.

I began to think about how I have met people in my life… It’s totally worth thinking. We meet people just like that and that simple random meeting turns in a permanent connection. We do have a story of our own!

So, keep your eyes & heart open…. you never know, when you come across someone special, important and inseparable who brings the best out of you!

4 thoughts on “Getting Thoughful : How A Stranger Becomes So Important…”

  1. heyy nicely written Anu… 🙂
    well i can elaborate it too a little further…
    its right that the fate of ours decides whom we meet in our lives at different phases…
    actually its been planned by the Almighty God who has pre-decided whom you meet whom you not…
    And its very much up to our behaviour and deeds that makes it whether an individual stays throughout in our lives or spends a short span of life with us…
    So keep living and the super power above us has got all things well planned for our future..!!! Trust him..!!! 🙂 🙂
    Happy blogging… 🙂

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