Soмєtιмєs ιn lιƒє, you ƒιnd α sρєсιαl ƒяιєnd…
Soмєonє who сhαNgєs youя lιƒє just ьy ьєιng α ραяt oƒ ιt…
Soмєonє who мαkєs you lαugh untιl you сαи’t stoρ…Soмєonє who мαkєs you ьєlιєvє thαt thєяє is яєαlly good ιn thє woяld…. Soмєonє who сonvιnсєs you thαt thєяє яєαlly ιs αn unloсkєd dooя just wαιtιng ƒoя you to oρєn ιt…

Thιs ιs ƒoяєvєя ƒяιєndshιρ….

Whєn you’яє down αиd thє woяld sєємs dαяk αиd ємρty, youя ƒoяєvєя ƒяιєnd lιƒts you uρ ιn sριяιt αиd мαkєs thαt dαяk αиd ємρty woяld suddєnly sєєм ьяιght αиd ƒull…

Youя ƒoяєvєя ƒяιєnd gєts you thяough thє hαяd tιмєs, thє sαd tιмєs αnd thє сoиƒusєd tιмєs. ιƒ you tuяn αnd wαlk αwαy, youя ƒoяєvєя ƒяιєиd ƒollows. ιƒ you
losє youя wαy, youя ƒoяєvєя ƒяιєnd guιdєs you αиd сhєєяs you up. Youя ƒoяєvєя ƒяιєnd holds youя hαnd αиd tєlls you thαt єvєяythιng ιs goιиg to ьє okαy. αиd ιƒ you ƒιnd suсh α ƒяιєnd, you ƒєєl hαρρy αиd сoмρlєtє ьєсαusє you nєєd not woяяy.!!

I’m really thankful to god for blessing me with such good friends (touch-wood)….

Hope this friendship lasts forever…… <3

3 thoughts on “Friendship… A Special Feeling ツ”

  1. and new blog me bhi hai!!!
    koi ni chalta hai 🙂
    must say very nice blog…
    made this 3rd one..
    1st one for college project..
    2nd for a stupid love.. or rather misunderstanding..
    now the 3rd one.. and this is the final… 🙂
    will keep in touch… as now my writing skills are again emerging like anything.. and its best to kill office boring time…!!
    love u…

  2. haan!! its urs only honey…aammm iv seen al f ur blogs… were intrstn.. pr dear naye waale ka url dena chaiye ta na so tht i wd hv bcm a followr.. nvr the less… iv found out.. n iv joind it as well… pllllzz yeh wala mat hatana!! 🙂 luv u too … miss u 🙁

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