Halebidu, Hassan, Karnataka – Amazing And Rich!

My Visit To Halebidu, Hasan | Amazing Facts About It
Visit to Halebidu unfolds all the past history and architecture of thousand years back.
The amazing fact of the city Halebidu is the district headquarters of guide told me that it was ruled by the Hoysala dynasty and their empire stood for long ruling all the southern part of India. Belur was the former capital and Halebidu was the later capital of the Hoysala dynasty. The dynasty of Hoysala ruled from 1000-1334 CE.
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I have also known some of the modern amazing facts of the city of Hasan. It is the Master control facility for the ISRO for the launching of satellites.
The name of the place Hasan comes from the name of the Goddess deity “Haasanamba”.
The culture and the belief of the people and the places stick to what were followed in the Hoysala and Ganga Dynasty. Hinduism and Jainism are mostly followed here. Bucheswara Temple; ekakuta architecture of koravangla has the most exquisite architecture and sculptures.
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The food available here were a blend of the culture of Kannada, Kodagu and Mysore. The midgayi pickle is fabulous to taste. Sandige, Avalakk, kadabu are some of the preparation food I enjoyed eating which is mad from the cereals of rice and other components.
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The Hoysaleswara temple was another good attraction for me. Is has the unique and delicate carvings done in the black stone. I found that the lower half has stone being carved horizontally with h carvings of Elephants at the bottom, Lions in the Second layer, Scenes of Mahabharata and Ramayana in third level along with Floral Design in fourth level. The Temple is stood in dedication to Lord Shiva. Statue of Nanadi was seen in front of the two entrances. I also enjoyed the beautiful glimpse of the river flowing nearby.

The museum and the Jsin basadis were other attractions of the place which I enjoyed during my visit to the place Halebidu.

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