10 years challenge anamika mishra

#10YearsChallenge -Open Letter To Younger Self

My version of #10YearsChallenge : If 1 thing I could tell this innocent naive college girl of 19 years, I would tell her that you are strong, stronger than you can ever imagine in your worst nightmares. People will hurt you time and again, and will leave you too, but you have to be strong…

7 Health Secrets Of Super Successful People

7 Health Secrets Of Super Successful People

Health is wealth, we all know that. Most successful people are those who keep their health on priority, because they understand the fact that health is wealth. If you try to jot down the routine of successful people from all across the world, you will see that they spend at least an hour or two…

Why Is ‘Me’ Time So Important?

Why Is ‘Me Time’ So Important?

In today’s constantly switched-on world, the demand for our attention seems to grow ever stronger each and every day. With our increasingly busy lifestyle and hectic schedules, it can be hard to find time to fit everything into a daily routine – and that’s without factoring in time for what you want to do. I…

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