Most Easy Steps To Design Your Own Tattoo

How to design your own tattoo? Hey guys! Planning to get inked? Why don’t you design your own unique and new tattoo? Designing your own tattoo is encouraging and reflects the creative skill. Creating and designing tattoo has become an impressive art work which fascinates everyone nowadays. The complicated work and the hidden names and…


7 Really Cool 3D Tattoo Designs

3D tattoos are loved by tattoo lovers from all across the world. 3D artwork is really very popular amongst the art and graphics lovers. Girls and boys both love to get a 3D tattoo done on their body part. 3D pictures can easily be taken out with special printers through computers, people use it a…


5 Beautiful Tattoo Designs For Writers & Authors

Hey lovelies, You might be thinking why am I writing this post? Well, since an year I am craving to get a tattoo done. I got many temporary tattoos done on my ankle and wrist, but am still in search of a perfect tattoo design that I can get done on my body. So, my…


5 Totally Awesome Eiffel Tower Tattoo Designs

5 Totally Awesome Eiffel Tower Tattoo Designs Here’s another Paris Post on my blog… Gosh, I think I need to create a new category just for the Paris Posts!! 😉 You know… I thought I am only one who is crazy for that magnificent and iconic 150 years old monument called The Eiffel Tower. There…

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