SuperMoon 2016

SuperMoon 2016 Captured!

SuperMoon 2016 Captured! If you know me personally, or you regularly follow me on my facebook profile, you must be aware how big moon-lover, moon-watcher, moon-admirer (or whatever you may call) I am! I just love moon. Not because it is romantic and stuff (I mean of course it is, but that’s not my reason…

Leh Ladakh -PhotoBlog

Romancing With Nature- Leh Ladakh -PhotoBlog

Romancing With Nature- Leh Ladakh -PhotoBlog Heya people! Finally I am sharing some of the best shots from my road trip to Leh Ladakh. If you have no idea about the tour, CLICK HERE to read my detailed itinerary. I have travelled almost all across the nature by my car with family. Thanks to my…

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