The Ultimate Road-Trip To Ladakh Ft. Amaron

Road-Trip To Ladakh Ft. Amaron

It’s been 2 years since I have experienced the ultimate road trip to Ladakh. This was one of the best experiences I ever had. I started the trip from Kanpur which is my home city. And oh, did I mention that my 2.5 year old nephew was also a part of the trip along with my mom & dad? Yes, this was a family trip. I had heard a lot about the road trip to Ladakh and the challenges which […]

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A Cat In My Hotel’s Compound – PhotoBlog – Cat Photography

A Cat In My Hotel's Compound - PhotoBlog - Cat Photography

I was in Nainital last week. Just for a short escape with family! While I was roaming with my camera in my hotel’s compound in Nainital, I came across a very cute cat. Oh, not-so-cute but a normal cat. I couldn’t stop myself from clicking the pictures! I feel cats and dogs are really photogenic. Apart from nature photography, I really like clicking animals (except monkeys and reptiles). I’m sure you must have seen my recent encounter with a Tiger […]

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Happy Dussehra – Beautiful Photos Of Fireworks I Clicked

Happy Dussehra - Fireworks Photos I Captured

Happy Dussehra everyone! May we all celebrate the victory of good over evil and may we all be happy and have a good life. Today (as every year), we went to our terrace to see the Dussehra festival celebration that happens in the club which is right across the road. That’s a perk of living near a club! You don’t have to go out to enjoy the festivities. You can simply be at your balcony or go to your terrace […]

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Mumbai Chor Bazaar -Photos I Clicked + 7 Tips For The First Timers

Mumbai Chor Bazaar

One fine day, me & my friend decided to go for a photo-walk in Chor bazaar. We both were clueless about the place, location and what we’d experience. We just knew that it’s somewhere near Grant road in South Mumbai. We grabbed our cameras and left. As it was our first time, we couldn’t located the exact market. We reached another flea market called Bhendi Bazaar which is 2 lanes away from Chor Bazaar. We reached the market after 15 […]

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SuperMoon 2016 Captured!

SuperMoon 2016

SuperMoon 2016 Captured! If you know me personally, or you regularly follow me on my facebook profile, you must be aware how big moon-lover, moon-watcher, moon-admirer (or whatever you may call) I am! I just love moon. Not because it is romantic and stuff (I mean of course it is, but that’s not my reason of loving it so much) but being a science buff, I love it because it’s the only thing in space that is clearly visible. I […]

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Romancing With Nature- Leh Ladakh -PhotoBlog

Leh Ladakh -PhotoBlog

Romancing With Nature- Leh Ladakh -PhotoBlog Heya people! Finally I am sharing some of the best shots from my road trip to Leh Ladakh. If you have no idea about the tour, CLICK HERE to read my detailed itinerary. I have travelled almost all across the nature by my car with family. Thanks to my Dad and his endless love for road trips. This Leh Ladakh tour was really a special one. Dad got retired from bank and in order […]

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CSJM University Pics I Clicked From My Nokia Phone! #MegaThrowback

CSJM University Pics

I am back from my short vacation with family and have switched back to the work mode. But before that, I decided to go on a cleaning spree and started browsing old folders which I think were left untouched since years. It was a treat to see some really old college pictures of my grad college. Most of you might not know (if you have connected with me or my blog recently) that I have done Bachelor in Computer Applications […]

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Jim Corbett National Park Jeep Safari Tips+ Photos From Tour

Jim Corbett jeep safari

One of the world’s finest national parks, it celebrates the efforts of hunter-turned-wildlife conservator Jim Corbett to establish a protected area for highly endangered creatures. Jim Corbett National Park is the first game park to be declared a Tiger Reserve in 1973, under the worldwide Project Tiger. Spread over 1.318 sq km, the park comprises the Corbett National Park, Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctury and Reserve Forest of Nainital and Pauri Garhwal-Patlidun area in the Himalayan foothills. On the way to Jim […]

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