Mumbai Chor Bazaar -Photos I Clicked + 7 Tips For The First Timers

Mumbai Chor Bazaar

One fine day, me & my friend decided to go for a photo-walk in Chor bazaar. We both were clueless about the place, location and what we’d experience. We just knew that it’s somewhere near Grant road in South Mumbai. We grabbed our cameras and left. As it was our first time, we couldn’t located the exact market. We reached another flea market called Bhendi Bazaar which is 2 lanes away from Chor Bazaar. We reached the market after 15 […]

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The Caravan Menu, Thane West – Restaurant Review

The Caravan Menu, Thane West - Restaurant Review

Heya all! Today we will be talking about one fantastic restaurant in Mumbai that I explored on my last visit to the city that never sleeps! The Caravan Menu is a new addition to the list of restaurants in Thane that serve grill buffets in Thane. This restaurant is situated in Panch Pakhadi area of Thane near the LIC building. As the name hints, the theme of the restaurant is inspired by travelling hence the word Caravan! The logo itself […]

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9 Best Luxury Hotels In India I’ve Stayed In (Room Photos)

Best Luxury Hotels In India

I am a traveller, a wanderlust and I have no shame in admitting it. Travelling inspires me and helps me explore more. It also helps me improvise my craft. I am tried almost every type of travelling and stayed in all sort of places. I have experienced living in a tent, a home stay, local lodges, ashrams, budget as well as luxury hotels. From Marriotts to Tajs and Hyatts, I have experienced all. All different types of accommodations gave my […]

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30+ Stunning Photos Of Imagica & SnoMagica From My Archive

Photos Of Imagica & Snomagica

You must be aware of my recent visit of Imagica and Snomagica if you follow me on my social media (especially instagram). Though, I shared lots of photos of Imagica ans snomagica but it was on snapchat and instagram stories which disappeared after 24 hours. For all those who don’t know, Imagica is an amusement park by Adlabs located in Khopoli near Mumbai. It is approx 2 hours drive away from Mumbai. Snomagica is a snow theme park situated right […]

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Family Tree – One Of The Best Fine Dining Restaurants In Thane

Fine Dining Restaurants In Thane

As the name suggests, Family Tree is actually a family themed restaurant, one of it’s kind in Thane (Mumbai), Maharashtra. It is located in in Panch Pakhadi in Thane and is a multi-cuisine restaurant which includes Italian, Mexican, Chinese and North Indian cuisine. And if you looking for vegetarian restaurants in thane, Family Tree is the end of your search. It is one of the best fine dining restaurants in thane. I really liked the interior of this restaurant. It […]

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A Date In Mantraa Bar & Restaurant In Mumbai – Restaurant Review

Mantraa Bar & Restaurant In Mumbai

I was in Mumbai around the time of Holi and after Holi celebrations, we headed straight to a restaurant. I was in Mumbai for a semi-official meeting and a friend of mine, who stays in Mumbai recommended that we go and eat out at Mantraa Bar and restaurant. She has been a regular visitor to the place and told me that this restaurant has recently updated their menu and introduced a lots of new dishes with interesting twists. The restaurant […]

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Vaishnavipratima, The Interiors Studio –A Heaven For Art, Design & Décor Lovers

Vaishnavipratima, The Interiors Studio

Almost everyone harbors a passion for something in life, but not everyone is able to take a step ahead in turning that passion into profession. As most of you know, I am one of those who risked everything in turning my passion of writing in to my profession and I am always impressed with people who do the same. Today I am going to talk about another passionate dreamer like me, who is now a known interior designer and owns […]

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D9 Lounge, Mumbai -Cool Place To Hangout In Andheri East

D9 Lounge, Mumbai

*Intended for readers above 21 years of age* D9 Lounge, Mumbai -Cool Place To Hangout In Andheri East As you all know, I stay in Andheri west. I usually don’t prefer going to Andheri east to chill and hangout. It’s mainly because it’s far and Andheri west, versova, yari road etc. has lots of cool places to hangout. But then while searching for new place to hangout, I came across D9 Lounge and trust me, it is really a cool […]

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Time To Celebrate Housing For Women Ft. Atika By Origin

Time To Celebrate Housing For Women Ft. Atika By Origin

There is a famous saying, ‘change begins from home’ and today I am going to talk about this saying in literal terms. But before that, tell me what do you see in the name plates of most of the houses? Mr. Mishra, Mr. Kapoor, Mr. A Lamba and the names of house owners, perhaps all men names. Few house name plates have women names on it. We are in the age of women empowerment. Women are no less than men […]

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