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The Park, Hyderabad (Part 1)

The Park, Hyderabad If you people follow me on Instagram (@anamikawrites) or Snapchat (mi_anamika) then you must be knowing about my short-trip to Hyderabad. For all those who don’t know (because you still haven’t joined me on these channels… and you are missing all the live action) I visit Hyderabad on 7th March for a speaking event in Hyderabad, hosted by Accenture. It was my first trip to Hyderabad. I have heard a lot about the city and was really […]

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Hotel Bhaj Govindam, Haridwar

Hotel Bhaj Govindam, Haridwar has got the facilities and the luxury which I always give priority during my trip. So, guys this is the 4th part from My Haridwar & Rishikesh Diaries.  Hotel Bhaj Govindam in Haridwar is situated just few kilometers away from the Hari-ki-Pauri Ghat. I had gone through the reviews and the opinions of various people in the internet and website of this Hotel in Haridwar and found it perfect for me and my family to stay. […]

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Sparsa Resort, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Sparsa Resort, Kanyakumari Most luxurious and most comfortable Sparsa Resort in Kanyakumari is known to be one the favorite for tourists. I was pleased to have got the standard and the service of the Sparsa Resort, kanyakumari where we stayed along with my family. The ambiance of the hotel is remarkable. The place I found to be spacious and the rooms are very clean and hygienic with well-maintained equipment and facilities. Sparsa Resort, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu The hotel staffs and […]

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