Carot or Magic Wand?

Carot or Magic Wand? Ft.

No we are not talking about Gajar 2.0. April Fools’ is officially here and we partnered with Carot, a smart solution for your car safety to bring you this product. It’s time to not be “blind” about your “faith” when it comes to the safety of your car. Gajar 2.0 is clearly not bringing you…

The Gajar With “Magical” Features

The Gajar With “Magical” Features Ft.

How many uses of Gajar can you possibly think of? None is close to this one! There’s a unique product flooding the market called Gajar 2.0. Yes. The new avatar of a Gajar and also of nimbu-mirchi. The big deal? It saves lives. No. Not by drinking carrot juice or eating it. This Gajar is…

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