The Amarambalam Wildlife Sanctuary

The Amarambalam Wildlife Sanctuary – Perfect For Bird-watchers

As an avid birder, I have to admit that birding expeditions are more fulfilling when you visit the lesser-known and less popular forests. With fewer distractions from tourists or vehicles, there are more chances of spotting some of the most exquisite species of birds. So, when my birding group planned a tour to the New…

Stunning Places In India To Watch Sunset

7 Beautiful Places In India To Watch Sunset

Watching sunset is a one of the most beautiful sights ever… and when it comes to India, we all know we have many stunning sunset points where tourists and travellers from all across the world come to watch the beautiful sunset. It was really hard for me to pick only 7 beautiful places in India…

A RoadTrip From Chandigarh To Shimla

A RoadTrip From Chandigarh To Shimla

Nothing brings me more joy than to get an opportunity to go on a road trip. With the wind in my hair and the speed on the wheels, I love to hit the concrete trail ever and experience the journey, without even bothering about where I am heading. A couple of weeks ago, I was…

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