happy new year 2020

Happy New Year 2020 : Take A Resolution To Be Selfish This Year

Happy New Year 2020 to all my readers and followers. You’re my extended family and I love you all to my bits and core. I am truly grateful that you all are still sticking by me and supporting me in my journey. 2019 was indeed a special year in so many ways, especially as WE completed 12 years of blogging together and I released an ebook (AtoZ of Blogging) too. Other good things that happened in 2019 includes me, shifting to my own place in Delhi, starting up a new family business, travelling and working on Qatar, getting awarded as Women’s Excellence Award 2019, touching 7 figures of income and more. But I cannot forget the negative things that happened. And I am pretty sure, at some point of time in 2019, shit would have happened to you too and you would have messed things up. But hey, it’s all gone now!

happy new year 2020

Walk into this new decade like a boss and win over every circumstance like a stunner! 😎
H A P P Y    N E W    Y E A R    2020

2020 is here and we have 360 days to make all our dreams come true. This year, don’t take any resolution but just one, Be SELFISH.

Yes! This year, take a resolution to be selfish!

I have decided,

2020 will be the year where I shall focus on self improvement, personal growth and personal relationships!
2020 will be the year where I’ll work to chase my dreams and tick-off things from my bucket-list!
2020 will be the year where I will implement all my plans and make every single day productive!
2020 for me, will be all about writing more, creating better content and travelling more!

You too take up this resolution and focus on your personal development, personal growth and personal relationships. Trust me, it’s okay to be selfish and walk your own path. It’s okay to think about your success (until it’s not harming anyone physically) and your plans. Be kind to only those who actually need the kindness. Try to learn and differentiate between crocodile tears and the real ones. Help the helpless, poor and needy.

So yes, 2020 is your year to win it all. Just be focused, consistent and work hard to chase your dreams!

Also, I just turned 30 on 31st December 2019 and I have released a Youtube Video about 5 important life lessons that I learned so far. Watch the video and don’t forget subscribe to my channel!

Good luck and Happy New Year 2020 once again!

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