Community Building On Social Media -My Talk at NDIM iaw BloggersAlliance
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Community Building On Social Media -My Session at NDIM

It’s been more than a decade since I started blogging, actually I will be complete 12 years of blogging on the 15th day of December this year. It all feels surreal and I am truly grateful for everything I’ve experienced so far. On 28th Nov 19, I was invited to deliver a talk on Community Building On Social Media at the New Delhi Institute of Management in association with Bloggers Alliance. I addressed the MBA Digital Marketing students during my session. Being a social media influencer with over 500k+ collective followers on social media, I feel it’s my responsibility to spread the right words and educate the willing minds. Hence, here are some of the important tips on Community Building On Social Media that I shared during my session.

Community Building On Social Media -My Talk at NDIM iaw BloggersAlliance
Community Building On Social Media -My Talk at NDIM in association with BloggersAlliance
  • Know your purpose:

It is very important that you know ‘WHY’ you want to build a community. The purpose is really important as when your purpose is clear, it helps you create the plan in a better way.

  • Are you honest?

Another aspect that is really important while building a community on social media is your honesty. Remember that famous song ‘Yeh public hai, yeh sab jaanti hai‘? Well, it’s actually true. Audience knows it all. If you are faking it, till you think you’ll make it, it won’t help. Audience, followers, fan (or whatever term you wish to use), THEY will come to know if you are not being honest, whether it’s about your purpose, passion or path.

  • Know your audience:

Obviously! You should be well aware of your target audience. Throwing the cricket ball in a room full of miscellaneous players won’t help until you pick a room where all of people present are cricket players; else it will be waste of your time and energy and of the others as well.

  • Where?

Every social media was designed to serve a different purpose. For example, purpose of Twitter is share updates all real time, and cut to the point; No long essays allowed unlike facebook where you can write long posts, create notes and what not.

  • Relevant content:

We’ve been reading content is king and it holds the truth. If your content is not relevant, sooner or later your audience will start cutting you off resulting into leaving your community.

  • Consistency:

In EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO, CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY. I say this in all my talks, whether it’s about pursing one’s passion, or building an online community or simply going to the gym. You won’t see results until you are consistent.

These were some of the important points I discussed during my talk. It feels great to share my knowledge, experience and expertise with young and enthusiastic minds. I hope you found this post informative. Feel free to join me on my social channel to stay connected. Also if you have anything to say, leave the comment below!

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