That Feeling of Being on Cloud 9, When You Cross A Milestone!

That Feeling of Being on Cloud 9, When You Cross A Milestone!

It’s my belief that if your dream doesn’t give you goosebumps, you’re not dreaming big enough. When I signed the contract for my first novel, I was on cloud nine. It was a dream come true for me. It felt surreal to think that I would finally hold my own book in my hands. However, at the same time, I was plaguing myself with questions like – what’s next? Will there be a book two? Will you continue writing books? How will you pay your bills? Will you be able to earn your lifestyle? I was haunted by the thought of whether I would be able to cross the milestone of getting my first book published, let alone having three books under my belt!

That Feeling of Being on Cloud 9, When You Cross A Milestone!
That Feeling of Being on Cloud 9, When You Cross A Milestone!

The journey to where I am today was not an easy one. In fact, I never thought I would get here – but I did. I believed in myself, in my abilities, and above all in my inexhaustible enthusiasm for more. I didn’t stop after my first book, and boy, I am glad I didn’t. With the release of my third book, ‘For the Sake of Love‘, I was overwhelmed with happiness and pride. It feels unreal every time I see all three of my books on my bookshelf, and even more so when I see the awards, I won for the third. Although, the most rewarding feeling of all is to see the look of pride in my mum’s eyes – a testament to what I have accomplished!

The most crucial thing that I learned on this journey so far, is the importance of consistency. If there is something you want, the only way to get it is by being consistent in working towards it, no matter what obstacle comes your way. Through the years, I have faced criticism on every aspect of my work, but I never let it deter me. While it hurts to hear judgements passed on you, it is imperative to only take the constructive parts of it into consideration, and never stop believing in yourself, or your work. I never let anything, or anyone steers me away from my path, and by doing so I am ready to cross every milestone I have set for myself.

On that note, I’d like to congratulate Herbalife Nutrition India on completing twenty years of great nutrition! Indeed, an incredible milestone achieved! And this brings me to my next milestone – hitting a high of twenty published books!

Now, why don’t you tell me, what is your milestone? Comment below!

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