Stunning Places In India To Watch Sunset

7 Beautiful Places In India To Watch Sunset

Watching sunset is a one of the most beautiful sights ever… and when it comes to India, we all know we have many stunning sunset points where tourists and travellers from all across the world come to watch the beautiful sunset. It was really hard for me to pick only 7 beautiful places in India to watch sunset of all the beautiful sunset spots I have visited here in India. I will keep on adding more as I explore more. But for now, here you go!

7 Stunning Places In India To Watch Sunset:

Here are the stunning places in India to watch sunset which will leave you spellbound and give you a memory to cherish for your entire lifetime.

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Places In India To Watch Sunset
Sunset in Kanyakumari, TN

Kanyakumari is the only place where you can see the entire cycle of the sun, from sunrise and sunset. It’s a surreal experience. I took this pic from my hotel’s balcony though you can also enjoy the sunset from the sunset point. But let me tell you one thing, it is very crowded during the sunset. You can reach the point an hour or 2 prior to the sunset timings and save your place to enjoy the sunset.

Alleppey Backwaters, Alleppey –Kerala

Places In India To Watch Sunset
Alleppey, Kerala

Alleppey or Alaphuzah is one of the most magical places to watch sunset in India, especially when you are in your houseboat, amidst water, feeling the cool breeze, listing to a soft romantic song and a chilled drink in your hand. Yes, I experience this sunset in this way only.

Marine Drive, Mumbai –Maharashtra

Stunning Places In India To Watch Sunset
Marine Drive, Mumbai, Maharashta

Believe it or not, but this is the view from Marine Drive. Yes, I took this pic using my iPhone 6s+ and even I was surprised to see the results. I totally recommend watching the sunset from Marine Drive, Mumbai. It is one of the easiest accessible places to witness the magnificent sunset.

Sunset at Puri- Orissa

Places In India To Watch Sunset
Puri beach, Puri, Orissa

Puri is a divine destination, perfect for people who are spiritual in nature. And watching sunset from any of it’s beach it a divine experience as it might be complimented by the sounds of bells from a temple nearby performing the Shayan Aarti. Though, the beaches are pretty crowded and you cannot expect it to be empty as shown in the picture. The best thing about Puri is hotels in Puri near sea beach are quite affordable unlike other places. So, you might get a hotel that offers a good sight of sunset from your room’s window.

Sunset at Rann of Kutch – Gujarat

Places In India To Watch Sunset
Rann of kutch, Gujrat

Rann of kutch is yet another stunning place to watch the sunset. It is surreal to watch the salty-white land turn to orange and then red during the sunset. The reflection of the sun rays makes the experience even more beautiful and memorable.

Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer, Rajashthan

Places In India To Watch Sunset

From beaches, to mountains to sand dunes to rocks to hills, India has all kind of amazing sunset points. This is one my most recent one and also, favorite. Watching sunset sitting amidst barren sand dunes was a new experience. We rode a camel to reach the middle of sand dunes and then enjoyed our time. It was one of the most magnificent experiences till now.

Neil Island, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Places In India To Watch Sunset:
Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman & Nicobar is no less than a dream destination, if you even wanted to visit a place with blue water in India. It doesn’t feel that you are in India or I should say, it makes you double proud of Indian rich and varied scenic beauty. This is what you can expect when I say to watch sunset from the Neil Island. I am sorry for the bad quality images, I visited Andamans back in 2008 and that time, I didn’t have a proper phone camera (and my camera battery died). But no worries, I’ll update a good HD picture once I re-visit the place.

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I am lucky that I have been to these places and had a chance to catch the beautiful sight of sunset. This should be next on your travel list. And if you want to add some more places to this list, go on and tell me via comments section below.

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