How To Deal With Mood Swings? : 11 Tried & Tested Tips!

Mood swings are really common. Recently I read in a journal that people in creative field are more prone to mood swings and grumpiness. This is only because we are so busy in working on our assignments and projects that we often forget to feed our souls by not giving the much needed me-time to ourselves which results in mood swings. This is not just limited to creative professionals but it is also common with students and entrepreneurs. So here’s sharing the ways to feel the soul and deal with mood swings! I am pretty sure, you’ll feel good after trying these!

Anamika Mishra's Tips To Deal With Mood Swings
Anamika Mishra’s Tips To Deal With Mood Swings

1. It is always better to meditate whenever you are low in life. You will feel better!

2. Magnesium is said to supply you with high energy levels. You can take magnesium tablets  to uplift your mood but don’t forget to consult a doctor before taking any tablets or medicine.

3. Your food habits has a lot to do with your mood swings. Avoid eating junk and processed food. Eat dark chocolates and other sweets to feel good.

4. The best way to cheer up again is to read books. Yes, books have the power to boost up your mood. You can divert your mind by picking an interesting (maybe comedy) book. Try!

5. If you are upset because of someone else’s folly or rude behaviour, then I suggest to you forgive and forget. You see, there’s no point in making yourself suffer because of someone else!

6. Write! Yes, simply write your heart out. Watch this Vlog on Depression to know more about this writing therapy.

7. When was the last time that you have smiled? I know it is difficult to smile when you are upset, but you can always try. Stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and ask yourself the reason for not smiling. Smile for no reason and appreciate your own smile. This might sound weird but it actually works!

8. Take a walk in a garden or a park. It’s always a good idea to spend some time with nature!

9. Doodle! Yes, simply pick an paper and pen and draw whatever comes to your mind. You can make jalebis or emojis too! Scientists have proved that doodling helps to release stress.

10. Music has power to heal. Play your favourite song and see the difference.

11. Play with your pet, if you have one. If not, step out of your home and feed the stray dogs and cats. You’ll actually feel good!

I really hope you found your way to feed your soul while reading these 11 points. Hope it will help you to deal with mood swings. Also share, it might change someone’s life! And yes, thanks in advance buddy!

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