I’ve been planning to launch my own podcast series since really a long time but something or the other thing happened and I couldn’t do it. Without delaying it further, here’s me presenting you LEVEL UP my very own podcast. It is available on iTunes and on my YOUTUBE channel.

Here’s the episode 1: It all begins with NOW!

This episode was recorded impromptu. I got up and thought I need to vent out what I’ve been hiding inside. This is the biggest lesson that one can teach you- Live in the present, because you never when life presents you with another twist. I have been planning to release this podcast series since really a long but surely this episode wasn’t the part of the initial plan. Last few days have been really rough on me and have made me realize that it all begins with NOW. And I believe this HAS to be the STEP ONE to LEVEL UP the game.

Play the episode 1 below!

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